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will an a6 space saver fit the q5

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Was wondering if anyone knew if an a6 space saver would fit a q5?,and also would it fit in the boot where the collapsable wheel goes.
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Don't see how it can?

The deflatable spare fits the hole in the boot floor snuggly. By inflating it, it increases in size (obviously) to match the rolling circumference of the other road wheels. It cannot be re-fitted into the hole until it is properly deflated, which takes 2 hours.

If you take a wheel that will fit into the hole when inflated, you will have a spare of the wrong circumference. I'm no expert on differentials and drive train components, but I can't imagine that running an odd size wheel would be safe or good for the car?

As an aside, my pals A6 Le Mans has a full sized RS style 19" as a spare wheel - seems a much better way to go, although I did opt for the special spare and must say - it looks rather trick, bit like an F1 tyre in appearance?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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