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WhatsApp audio not working with bluetooth

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Anyone come across the issue where WhatsApp audio messages do not play? When I hit play button on mobile (iPhone 11 pro), the current song playing mutes but nothing else. I’ve turned up volumes on mobile. I’m sure this worked ok in previous 2010 a4. Wonder if it’s a setting in connection manager. phone calls are fine as is streaming music and even YouTube audio from mobile. Any help much appreciated!!
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Anyone even confirm that they do not have this problem? Thanks
Sorry, I do not have that functionality in my SQ5
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I have a 2013 and i can stream any audio from my phone via bluetooth, I have a iPhone 12.
Thanks Steve. Interesting WhatsApp audio works for you.
Can you stream other types of audio?
Yes Spotify and Apple Music fine. As mentioned above. When I hit play on WhatsApp, the sound mutes so it’s picking something up but not playing the sound
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