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Whats everyone using to keep the Q nice and clean

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Hi Everyone,

Just looking at upgrading the detailing products and was wondering what people where using?

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Rich - probably heresy for purists but I kicked off with a self applied Diamond Brite package, only a few quid on ebay (Audi charge ?800) but seems to provide a solid base for regular maintenance.
Thanks Warburton62,

Diamond works out at six quid with postage
.Is the Heresy a wax? i have been using dodo supernatural on my A4.

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I was boing to use Zymol but opted for Auto Glym from the Audi dealer as I couldn't be bothered to do it all myself.

I must say it looks pretty good so far. been through 3 hand washes by myself and shine is as good as new as car is just 1 month old.

I am probably committing heresy as well but I cant get too excited about this. As long as it looks good ..............
Robp,theres looking good and looking good lol,nothing more relaxing than spending half a day cleaning the car
.waxes and applicators standing by for delivery,or am i just a nutter

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Once a week, Turtle Wax and water plus Autoglym for the wheels, e-cloth to dry it off - 1 hr 15 mins max.

Any more is a waste of time as 100 yards up the road and the flies start splatting all over the front, thats if it hasn't been raining of course, in which case it gets covered in road crud !
i must just being anal when cleaning i think lol,normally snow foam twice then meguiars 3 stage paint clean,polish and wax,then 2 coats of dodo supernatural.tyre dress and chrome polish on all metal(exhaust,window surrounds and grill) and i have'nt even got a roof at the moment
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No, I don't think so - I meant that using Diamond Brite is probably seen as lazy and cheating (an act of heresy)to purist car detailers
Doh!! What a nob!!! I get it now
I had lifeshine when I got it in March 09, and every three months reapply Resin and Super Gloss, and it still looks damn fine
Thanks Rahoo,at the moment am very tempted by the swissvax just need to choose which one.Have got the clay bars and lube ready and wheel wax just need the car!!!!

have got it down to 2 waxes but wondered if anyone else has experience with them?

zymol destiny glaze or swissvax crystal rock,

can anyone help!!

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