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Just joined the forum and have had my Q5 2.0Tdi sline stronic since sep 09 and what a relief that this was. I have had an S3, A4 tdi SE and currently own an A3 sportback. For my second car decided to buck the trend and went for an X5 SE and what a mistake... a big big one. Now having disposed of it courtesy of the audi dealer shall never ever think of the B word again.

I have read the forum regarding the problem with the stronic box and unfortunately have suffered the same problem so will be visiting the dealer shortly. Also have been driving in areas where there have been speed humps and over time have noticed that my steering is getting this knocking noise whilst turning the wheel whether full lock or not.
could someone shed any light on this matter?

Many thanks in advance and its good to find a helpful forum.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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