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Water leaking into Tailgate

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Puddles in the boot

Can anyone shed some light on how to prevent water leaking from the top of the tailgate, down the inside of the rear pillars onto the plastic locating area for the parcel shelf, when I open the tailgate following a shower or 2.

This happens on both sides, and although not a flood, it seems to happen each time I open the tailgate following one of the many showers we experience living in the UK.
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Its an absolute pain in the butt isn't it....!

I have had my Q5 for approaching 2 years and like you, after every rain shower the water runs into the boot via the tailgate ends when opened.

I have read on other sites that Audi do have a fix that involves adding extra packing tape under the tailgate mounted rear spoiler ~ From what I can see, I think it just forces the water to take an extended journey to the water channels at the sides of the boot rather than just drip into the boot.

All that said, I have chosen to live with the annoying drips rather than have some 'garage monkey' take my car apart and try to fix it with some additional sticky tape.

By the way, if you partially open the boot (just a couple of feet), let the initial water run off and then open fully you should be okay.


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The last option of opening partially might be difficult with the electronic tailgate option
Partial opening with electric tailgate is actually even simpler than with the mechanic one. While tailgate is lifting just press opening button on keyfob to stop it instantly...
Thank you - good to know it's not just me that finds this a pain in what is otherwise a great car..... seems as though it's something I'll just have to get used to dealing with during our great British summer! On the upside though - I now know how to partially open the boot when using the electronic tailgate - thanks for the tip
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I've never known a car like the Q5 for retaining water. Tailgate/Mirrors/Roof Rails...

It's like a sponge!

Nice tip on partially opening the boot - thanks.
Just found that my wife’s 2018 q5 has a trunk full of water. Dealer quoted minimum 3k to fix. The water immobilized the car and shut down everything.
I have had my new Q5 since August 2022. I have never had a problem with a leaking tailgate but at night I park it on my driveway which has a reasonable slope.
I now have an audi q5 and so far I don't have this problem.
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