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Guess What...
3 weeks old and the passenger and front and rear footwells are swiming in water.
I have took it back to the dealer and they are taking it for a few days to see where the leak is coming from.
This has really spoiled the car for me though...I am concerned over damp smells, corrosion to electronic components that are located under the seat, the fact that the carpets will be riped up and relayed again(never the same as new).
We have a replacement car...A4 is nice but it is not a Q5.

My question to you folks is what do I do with the Q5 now, am I within my legal rights to demand a new one?

Audi are saying the car has to have 3 faults.....But surely this isn't the law....???
What would you folks do if you were in my shoes?


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Hi Johnnyd,

Sorry to hear of your problems.

Legally your contract is with the garage not with Audi. The garage has to be given reasonable time to be able to fix the problem. They are correct that under EU law they have 3 attempts at putting the problem right to your satisfaction. After 3 failures to fix the SAME problem you have the right to demand a new car or a refund. It is then upto the garage to argue their case with the manufacturer Audi.

What you must do is make sure you put things in writing. Obviously dates and problems must be documented to use the 3 strike rule.

Firstly, write to the garage thanking them for accepting the problem with the car is a manufacturing defect. Ensure you give the problem a reference number for your files. In all subsequent communication, including any problems which you feel are related to their fixing of the inital water ingress, reference this number. Secondly, state your concerns regarding possible lingering smell, carpet alignment etc. Thirdly ensure that you put a timescale of what you feel is acceptable timescales to resolve this problem, completely, in your eyes. I would suggest 3 months. It could easily take that long for the problem to occur again or for any subsequent problems to become apparant. That way any subsequent problems can be linked to the first problem and not seen as new and independant problems, and they have the remainder of the 3 months to fix the problem completely. Fourhtly, keep a diary of the dates your car is in the garage. The other part of the law refers to quality. If you are without your car for say 3 months out of 6, you would have an arguement that the car is not of sufficient quality.

In your post I note the garage has supplied you with a courtesy car. This at least will go someway to mitigate your loss although they will try to recoup this cost from Audi.

In cases like this I hope that the garage finds something tangable such as a broken heater hose, otherwise you are never sure if the problem is really fixed.

Lastly, remember the garage will want to keep your good will (upto a point). Use this to negotiate any extras. A freebie service, accesories etc. remember, the garage will recover the costs from Audi.

And since it's not yours give the A4 some wellie.

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Thanks alot for that comprehensive reply....I will take your good advice onboard.
I will update the post next week with the progress.


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The reason that water was getting into my car was that a rubber grommet in the bulkhead (between engine and passenger compartment) was missaligned. This has now been fixed and I am under negotiations with Audi to see what we can arrange in terms of compensation / replacements or refunds etc.

Apparently 100 cars either side of our build number are being recalled to check the grommet.


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