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Valuing Q5 for sale - help!

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Hi All

Can anyone give any advice on what I would advertise my Q5 at, or expect to get for it, if I sold it now

Registered March 2010, 2500 miles, 100% immaculate

White 2.0 TDi manual gearbox special edition s-line with the B+O and 20" off road alloys, lighting pack, underfloor storage, main beam assist, hill hold, tech pack high, panoramic glass roof. I think list price was around ?37500-38000 before dealer discounts.

I may not have to sell it yet, but wonder what the view is on how the waiting lists affect the nearly new second hand value? I can't find a comparable car online to compare it with, and would appreciate any advice from anyone who understands the car market better than I!

Thanks all

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The car also has Rear Bench seat plus, Spare wheel and heated front seats - I am already forgetting half the kit list!

So difficult to value - I would just hate to end up striking a deal for it and then finding out they are worth more, but that's car selling for you - I might take your advice and pop in to my dealer...

Have a look on the Audi approved website. There aren't many Q5's on there but when I looked maybe 3 months ago cars similar to yours were offered at close to list price. Admittedly thats just the asking price from a dealer and value will be a touch lower.

Additionally when i bought mine in Feb I got 9% off and it was delivered last week. In speaking to the same dealer she said that they would struggle to offer me 3% if I were to order again now. So in some sense that should have helped the value of your car. Agree also on seeing what a dealer will offer you but with some caution. Trade in they offered my ?23.5 on my RS4 which I declined, 4 months later I sold it privately for ?26.5k so that may give you an indication of the sort of margins they are looking at making.

Why not pop it on autotrader at list price and see what interest you get. It costs you ?40 and you are of course not obliged to sell it. Drop the price if no interest by 5% and then see what happens....

Good luck.
Try I have a 2.0 tdi Sline s tronic and the price they would offer today is ?30,850 it changes every couple of days going up or down but it would seem you should get almost what you paid,mine is a sept 09 and these sites have to make a profit so add at least a couple of grand to the offer.Sites likes these are after people who need a quick sale for whatever reason so the price im getting realisticly tells me my car is worth around or slightly more than I paid.The prices Audi have for their used Q5s are way expensive I have seen a one like mine with more miles up for ?39000 plus,madness but its good for us that have a Q5 at the moment, not often you get a car to hold its value.
Good luck.
It was 5 months ago but prior to ordering I was eyeing up a few months old used Q5 in white (but didn't have the sunroom) from a dealer. Before I went to go and see it it got lifted at about ?1000k below list price i seem to recall. I was talking to him about list minus ?5k I think and would not have paid up as someone else did. Hence I ordered a new one. So the info is a bit dated but 5 months ago the market was list minus a bit. And since then the waiting list has only gotten longer.
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