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Valuing Q5 for sale - help!

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Hi All

Can anyone give any advice on what I would advertise my Q5 at, or expect to get for it, if I sold it now

Registered March 2010, 2500 miles, 100% immaculate

White 2.0 TDi manual gearbox special edition s-line with the B+O and 20" off road alloys, lighting pack, underfloor storage, main beam assist, hill hold, tech pack high, panoramic glass roof. I think list price was around ?37500-38000 before dealer discounts.

I may not have to sell it yet, but wonder what the view is on how the waiting lists affect the nearly new second hand value? I can't find a comparable car online to compare it with, and would appreciate any advice from anyone who understands the car market better than I!

Thanks all

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by way of explanation, someone at work has asked if I want to sell it as they have been told they can't get delivery until March. I don't really want to, but am toying with the idea of changing to the A5 sportback which comes in slightly cheaper, and then investing in a second car like an old TT roadster for fun in the sun...

I just wonder if the wait list artificially keeps the resale value high or not?
The car also has Rear Bench seat plus, Spare wheel and heated front seats - I am already forgetting half the kit list!

So difficult to value - I would just hate to end up striking a deal for it and then finding out they are worth more, but that's car selling for you - I might take your advice and pop in to my dealer...

Thanks for all your good ideas and input, it's much appreciated. I am still loving the car, so am not in any rush to sell it, but might be worth moving around before the prices start to drop. We are all in a fortunate position as it stands with the current values.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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