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Spotted this on a.n.other forum:
Dave Pollinger

Legal advice please
A friend (honestly!) has received a court summons for using a hand held device whilst driving. The summons states he was using the device WHILST IT WAS IN A PHONE HOLDER ATTACHED TO THE CAR. In fact he was using it as a sat nav device.
So here is the question, getting conflicting legal advice. Some are saying that using a hand held device whilst it in a holder is not an offence as it鈥檚 the same as adjusting a car touch screen. Others that it is. Finding varying info on the internet.
So looking for advice from anyone in the know. Please only respond if you know for sure rather than just opinions.

Many thanks in advance.

FYI: This is what the laws actually says.

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I suspect we only have half a story and his "friend" may have been setting a route whilst driving. This would be driving without due care and attention.

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Only legal if you do not physically interact with the device in the holder while driving. If using as a satnav you should set the destination before you start driving then set off. The only way around this whilst driving is to use voice commands?
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