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UK Discounts

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Hi Everyone,

I'm about ready to pull the trigger and order a Q5. What kind of discount should I be aiming for (and what have other people managed to get) from UK Audi dealers? My spec is costing around ?41k to ?45k (depending on whether I go for the 3.0TDI in the end).

Thanks a lot!
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Aim for a cup of coffee and a smile as with the 1yr waiting list now discounts are like rocking horse poo!!

Most people managed to get approx 5% until recently, but i should think this is falling as even back in feb when i ordered mine most dealers werent interested in doing anything - in fact most didnt even smile!
That's interesting! I would thought it might work the other way - if the waiting lists are a year plus, who is going to be incentivized to wait that long without a decent discount?

Anyone else with experiences of recent negotiations on price?

I ordered mine in the second week of January 2010 .. tried my local dealer but was told July delivery and 3% discount with very poor trade in on my BMW. I then went home and placed order online with with 10% discount. drive the deal phoned back next day to say if I was still interested their nominated dealer would be in touch with probable June delivery. That afternoon their nominated Audi dealer called to go thorough the long list of options I wanted and confirmed 10% off and then gave me the good news that I could have it ready by end of March ! All monies were paid direct to the Audi dealer so no risk of money being paid to the broker.

Wow, there seems to be absolutely no downside then? Anyone else got experience of drivethedeal?
Just called, they say they're unable to source Audi Q5s from any dealers at the moment. This certainly sounds an unlikely situation?
Does anyone have any recommendations of dealers around the country who might be offering discounts on Q5s at the moment? I tried dealers around the M25 area and South, they all say they're giving no discounts. aren't able to source Q5s at the moment, and look & sound really dodgy (promising a car in 12 weeks!).

Anyone bought a Q5 in the last month?
I'd like to thank everyone that replied to this thread. After calling 9 or 10 dealers, I managed to find one that could offer me about a 5% discount (it really seems anyone around the M25 and south are offering no discounts at all) and a November delivery. If you order before Monday, they protect you from the 2% price increase coming on the Q5. I wasn't too impressed with a number of the brokers I spoke to and several didn't even bother to call me back.

I've put my deposit down and unfortunately I've just got to wait now!
If you order before monday you will save yourself the 2% audi rise and the expected 2.5% in vat expected before end of year.
The dealer mentioned ordering before Monday would get the MY2010 prices, but he said there was no VAT price rise protection...
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