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UK Discounts

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Hi Everyone,

I'm about ready to pull the trigger and order a Q5. What kind of discount should I be aiming for (and what have other people managed to get) from UK Audi dealers? My spec is costing around ?41k to ?45k (depending on whether I go for the 3.0TDI in the end).

Thanks a lot!
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I'm in a slightly different position, I'm not buying mine outright but getting it through the business on a 3 year lease. I contacted two dealers to get me the best car for a fixed price per month. One never got back to me at all, the other priced me up at an SE spec no options.

I went through a leasing company referred by our accountants and for the same price they got me up to an S-Line 170 with a couple of grands worth of extras.

I know this is a different situation but I gather the dealers are out to make as much money out of us as possible even when you're prepared to sign on a decent deal there and then, no messing, no test drive. I will always now use a broker.
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