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UK Discounts

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Hi Everyone,

I'm about ready to pull the trigger and order a Q5. What kind of discount should I be aiming for (and what have other people managed to get) from UK Audi dealers? My spec is costing around ?41k to ?45k (depending on whether I go for the 3.0TDI in the end).

Thanks a lot!
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Aim for a cup of coffee and a smile as with the 1yr waiting list now discounts are like rocking horse poo!!

Most people managed to get approx 5% until recently, but i should think this is falling as even back in feb when i ordered mine most dealers werent interested in doing anything - in fact most didnt even smile!
Not really, think of any car with a waiting list and then think of the resale values - always higher than the new cost, hence no discounts are given on a new one. There is no need to incentivise people to buy them, thats clear from the massive waiting times.
Most if not all brokers have zero allocation left and several of the ones i spoke to back in feb coulndt even place any orders for 6 months, meaning now about 18 months wait (6 top place the order and 12 standard wait after that).
Just called, they say they're unable to source Audi Q5s from any dealers at the moment. This certainly sounds an unlikely situation?
Its true - they may offer 10% but they cant get any cars. Was the same in Feb when i ordered mine, all good until i said go and they told me they couldnt actually order any!!!

I went to carselect from lloyds and got 5% discount, not as good but they could actually get me one!
I'd not even considered a VAT increase, however i do have a signed agreement here with comfirmed price on it so i shant be paying a penny more!
1 - 5 of 42 Posts
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