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Tilting Side Mirrors

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Hey everyone, this is my first post so be gentle with me!

I ordered the 2.0TDI few weeks back and just discovered that Audi does this Tilting Side Mirrors where the mirrors tilt downwards to help look at the rear wheel in reverse.

I asked my dealer and he reckons it's not available on the Q5 which seems strange.

Can anyone let me know whether this option is available and what option code does it come under?

Many Thanks

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welcome Jack

I can't answer your question sorry, but I can add my experience of this function on my old RRS - personally I found it a pain and quickly turned it off as I frequently needed the mirrors to be in the normal position while reversing and they'd be pointing down all the time. Just thought I'd share this in case you've not tried them before

Hi Jackkirby.... it is available on models with memory function (e.g. seats).

Get your dealer to look on page 60 of the owners manual and he should be able to explain what you need to get this.

Hope this helps.
You might also want to consider that the Q5 rear view mirrors are quite large to begin with. IMHO they offer an adequate view in most situations. I don't think you'll miss it. They are also quick to adjust in those rare situations that require it.
Even if you don't have the memory seat option, you can turn the "mirror tilt in reverse" ON with a VAG-COM.
It will simply tilt slowly downward for a short period when you select reverse, and tilt up a short while after de-selecting reverse, or when you turn the engine off. Mine so far does not seem to return the full distance every time, and maybe that is because I pull the key out (disabling the motor) before it has fully returned to normal...

Hi Neil

sorry for being an idiot, but i never come across the term VAG-COM before... although i just did some research online and kinda understand what it is...

so basically you are saying that i can tweak the central computer to perform the tilting function? Or have i got it completely wrong? also is there any websites that you can recommend for me to find out how to do it?

one more thing... will that void my car's warranty by doing so?

thanks Neil!

There are many things that can be done to any VW - AUDI etc car with the VAG-COM, and some of them will definitely affect your car's drivability and maybe you'd have warranty issues with that.
However, there are many, many minor "tweaks" that can be done by anyone with a VAG-COM. A few of these that I have discovered for the Q5 are:
Mirror Tilt in reverse
Guage test - sweep - on start
Different lights for DRLs (eg front fogs, tail lights etc)
TPMS can be turned ON if you didn't order the car with it.
Reset service interval warning when oil is changed etc.
Also seat belt chime can be turned off (mostly for the yanks - Americans are funny people, they still like to believe that they have a God-given right to be propelled through a windscreen at 60 mph)
You can also set the language for all of the interface stuff, and a whole host of other things.
You can calibrate the fuel usage calculation if it is not accurate.
You can make your rear lights all flash in an emergency braking situation
You can enable a lap timer to appear on the dash.
They won't void your warranty, but the dealer may undo some of them next time your car is hooked up to their computer if they reset it to standard.
I am still looking for the one to increase the number of blinks for lane changing (3 is not enough to give adequate warning) - this I could change on the VW Touareg or Golf but can't find the code for the Q5.

As far as a website with how to do it, VW Vortex has a good reference, and other VW or Audi user sites. There is no list I have found yet specifically for the Q5, but a lot of A4 codes match, I have been testing a few of those with some success.
Mirror tilt is done by:
Go to module 52 Door Elect, Pass., Long Coding, Byte 4. If the byte has value 40 (cars without electrically folding mirrors), change it to 4C. If the byte has value 50 (cars with folding or folding/dimming mirrors), change it to 5C. Recent version of VCDS (VAG-COM) will show function of each bit to confirm if the above values are exactly true. Depending on your car's spec the actual value may vary, but the software will lead you to which bit to change at that address. Sounds wierd I know but it works a treat.

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I take it a VAG.COM is a device that plugs into the central computer? Are these available to buy or just a dealer item?

Pardon my ignorance but what is "TPMS" and what do you mean by "different lights for DRLs"?

Clearly you have VAG-COM.
Hey Neil!

Gosh you are a genius! It sounds real fun! i will defo look up all the sites you recommend. Only if someone can give me a live demostration!

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Hi Neil - Do you have the official Vag-com cable or do you have a cheapo one from ebay?

It would be good to hear from anyone who has used an ebay cable to let us know if it works. I have one on order but i think it has got lost in the post from Hong Kong.
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