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Thinking about buying a Q5

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Hi Everybody!

New to the forum....but not new to audi's - on my 4rth at the moment a 2007 B7 A4 Avant S-Line 2.0 170PS Quattro...

Im considering buying a new Q5 (why else would I be posting on here

I must say though that I have never bought a brand new car before! (current one is the newest car I have ever owned, 2 months old when I got it from Audi Aberdeen).

So I was wondering about a few things.....

First off....are we still looking at about 5/6 month lead times?

Next question - If I go to trade in my will the trade in work?....will they offer me a price for it at the time of purchase....and let me keep it for the 5/6 months and honour the trade in offered? - Or will I have to give up the A4 straight away to get the best price for it?

Maybe this is dealer dependant??

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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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