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Hi Everybody!

New to the forum....but not new to audi's - on my 4rth at the moment a 2007 B7 A4 Avant S-Line 2.0 170PS Quattro...

Im considering buying a new Q5 (why else would I be posting on here

I must say though that I have never bought a brand new car before! (current one is the newest car I have ever owned, 2 months old when I got it from Audi Aberdeen).

So I was wondering about a few things.....

First off....are we still looking at about 5/6 month lead times?

Next question - If I go to trade in my will the trade in work?....will they offer me a price for it at the time of purchase....and let me keep it for the 5/6 months and honour the trade in offered? - Or will I have to give up the A4 straight away to get the best price for it?

Maybe this is dealer dependant??


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With a bit of persuasion my Dealer (Edinburgh Audi) offered me a guaranteed minimum sum for my A6 when I exchange for a Q5 in September.

Same here. The dealer gave me a guaranteed part ex price based upon the estimated delivery.

When mine arrived the actual price for the car was below the guaranteed figure but the dealer had to stick with the price he gave me. This was before xmas so dealers may be a bit wary now.

It should not be our problem that they cannot supply the cars in a reasonable time so press the dealer.
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