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Terrible Winter Driving Experience

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Hi All, first drive on partially snow-covered roads in my new Q5 and it was terrifying.

The highway was not slick or icy but, a thin layer of snow covered the lane making it all white except for black asphalt in the two tracks made by the tires. Traveling around 45 miles and hour, the car began to swerve left and right. I was not on ice. It felt like the car was trying to keep me between the white lines but, there were three white/snow lines, one in the middle of the lane between the tires. The car would not let me take control and kept swerving for at least a minute. We figured out how to turn the active lane assist off and switched to off-road mode. This improved the driving but, it still felt unstable. Every time we crossed a small and very shallow snow drift, the car drifted to the left and then over-corrected to the right.

Are there any reported issue with ALA and ESC on winter roads? I'm calling the dealer next but, wanted to put this on the forum as well.
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i know this thread is old but I just upgraded my 2019 Q5 for a 2023, in Canada - snowed a bit in Vancouver. I am finding so far, that my older vehicle handled way better in the snow. Same tires. Maybe I just need to get used to the new car, but it just feels stiffer and it can't handle the small ramp going up into my garage - no problem with the 2019 - both exact same model, just different year
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