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Terrible Winter Driving Experience

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Hi All, first drive on partially snow-covered roads in my new Q5 and it was terrifying.

The highway was not slick or icy but, a thin layer of snow covered the lane making it all white except for black asphalt in the two tracks made by the tires. Traveling around 45 miles and hour, the car began to swerve left and right. I was not on ice. It felt like the car was trying to keep me between the white lines but, there were three white/snow lines, one in the middle of the lane between the tires. The car would not let me take control and kept swerving for at least a minute. We figured out how to turn the active lane assist off and switched to off-road mode. This improved the driving but, it still felt unstable. Every time we crossed a small and very shallow snow drift, the car drifted to the left and then over-corrected to the right.

Are there any reported issue with ALA and ESC on winter roads? I'm calling the dealer next but, wanted to put this on the forum as well.
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You need winter tyres
Putting it in off-road mode was the right thing to do. What make etc tyres do you have? The narrower the tread the worse the handling in snowy conditions.
I think you have that backwards
"Snow driving — Because there is low friction on the road, having greater pressure on the road is more important than having more surface area. Therefore, narrow tires perform better when the roads are covered with snow, since they can dig deeper into the snow, providing more traction."
Your comment makes no sense to me :rolleyes:
Same issue here. We live in a snow belt. Ive had a Hyundai and Acura that drive ten times better than the Audi. We know how to drive in snow in Canada and brand new winter tires (best of the best) and smallest bit of snow on road and car literally floats across the road side to side. My husband thought I was exaggerating and then he was driving one day and realized he was “floating” into a semi truck in lane next to us. Turned off all of the assists and still just as bad.
I refuse to drive it. I’m in year 1 of a 4 year lease and no idea how to get them to take it back.
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Sorry to here you are not happy with your Q5.
Take it to any dealer. They will be pleased to sell you an alternate vehicle and settle your lease deal. Unfortunately, you will loose money - that is one disadvantage of leasing.
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Strange, maybe tyre manufacturer has changed spec to a harder compound to get better mileage? Invest in winter tyres?
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