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Suspension, Spec and Rims

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Hi Everyone,

I've just been browsing through the forum at all the discussion about 19"/20" rims and hard suspension.

I'm currently awaiting delivery of an SE (hopefully this weekend
) with 20" wheels (which is similar to what we test drove) and must admit i didn't feel the harsh suspension that is being panned in several comments on the forum. I'm getting worried now i missed something !!! Could this harshness that's being talked about be purely down to the S-line suspension set-up ?
Does anyone know what the actual difference is between the SE and S-line suspension, and do they think that this could account for the difference in feeling between the two ? Also, could the sports seats in the S-line make a difference to the feel ?

Once i've got delivery, i'll get back and let you know how it feels for me.

Cheers for now,
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The 19" wheels S-Line (standard) I think are fine (without Drive Select). Yes, the ride is firm but I like it.
Potential problems are when you go to the 20" wheels the ride feels harder.

It's all so subjective as one of the original members Nova Invicta sold his S-Line with 19" wheels as he couldn't get on with what he considered a harsh ride whereas others on here including me think it's great.
If you're really concerned I think the Audi Drive Select option becomes a must have!
Bill said:
Your right Andy but as I am intending to have this car long while,
I thought to be on the safe side I would order it with the Drive select, may be I have wasted my money who knows shouldn't be long now before I find out.
I totally think you have done the right thing Bill and it gives you the option to decide what sort of ride you would like.
Look forward to hearing what you think when you get it!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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