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Suspension, Spec and Rims

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Hi Everyone,

I've just been browsing through the forum at all the discussion about 19"/20" rims and hard suspension.

I'm currently awaiting delivery of an SE (hopefully this weekend
) with 20" wheels (which is similar to what we test drove) and must admit i didn't feel the harsh suspension that is being panned in several comments on the forum. I'm getting worried now i missed something !!! Could this harshness that's being talked about be purely down to the S-line suspension set-up ?
Does anyone know what the actual difference is between the SE and S-line suspension, and do they think that this could account for the difference in feeling between the two ? Also, could the sports seats in the S-line make a difference to the feel ?

Once i've got delivery, i'll get back and let you know how it feels for me.

Cheers for now,
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Hi Mike,

Welcome to the forum - let us know your thoughts

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