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Stop/Start S-Tronic

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I have just joined you guys from the dark side - the Audi TT forum. The TT is a great car, but I think the Q5 ticks all the boxes!

The info on this forum is very helpful, I have ordered a 2.0 TDI S-Line SE (S-Tronic)in Ibis White with a few toys!

I was interested to see if anyone has heard that the S-Tronic will have the Stop/Start system?

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Nope it wont. Manuals only, and only the 4-pot (2.0 petrol and 2.0 diesels)
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Well its not on the 2011 spec Q5's so you wont see it for over a year if it is coming.
Glow plugs only come on the first time you start the engine so it shouldnt be a problem - i presume it doesnt activate the start/stop system until the engine reaches a pre-determined temp so prevent it cutting out 30 yards down the road at the first junction!!
8 speed seems rather pointless, when i test drove the 2.0 S-Tronic Q5 i got to over 120mph and was still only in 6th and couldnt make it go into 7th using the paddles!!
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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