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Stop start permanently off fixed (hopefully)

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So I ordered this 2 weeks ago. Delivery time from China was end of June so arrived pretty quickly considering

For my q5 2017 2.0 tdi

Took me 2 mins to install as comes with removal keys

Turned the ignition on and the stop start red light was illuminated to show its turned off

Ill run the car for a week and update you all if it works

but for £16 was a cheap fix fingers crossed

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I used Carista to do that and more
I tried carista but even though it said it was turned off it still kept coming back on

What else did you use carista for ? I found there was not that much to do with it I might of missed a few things ???

I'm gonna cancel carista subscription soon as I've used it for doing rear brake change to release the calipers
It worked for me :) Set default to stop / start off. I can still turn on if I want to
Rear lights on with sidelights
Forced regen
Check fault codes
Reset fault codes
Set service intervals
Adjust interior lights
Coming home lights
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