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I have a 2010 Q5 3L diesel. It has now done 145k miles. I am the second owner and have owned it since 30k miles, over 7 years.
The car has been faultless (except one problem with the air intake that was solved), but over the past 10k miles it has developed and odd rattle on breaking which the garage has not been able to diagnose.

This rattle makes the steering wheel shudder and I can feel it through my foot on the brake pedal. It occurs on breaking but only at a very specific breaking point: if I break with slowly increasing intensity, it will shudder only at a certain compression of the breaks, not before and not after. This range is very small. It is worse at higher speeds and when it is warm. When it is cold (under 10oC/50oF) or I am slow it is barely perceptable.

Even more strange is that each time the dealer replaces a part it solves it for a few weeks and then it comes back. So far this includes:

One set of front suspension arms.
....the rattle went and then came back.
A different set of suspension arms.
...the rattle went then came back.
The front brake disks and pads.
...the rattle stayed off for two months and has now come back worse.

(There was another part replaced first that I cannot remember.)

The mechanics have no idea what to try next, and this trial and error is very costly.

Any ideas?



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I was going to suggest a warped brake disc, but you have already replaced that. So not sure
Tyres and alloy wheels OK, balanced etc? Maybe try swapping front to back and vice versa.
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