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I have posted about snow over the last few weeks!!!

Does Audi do cheap steel rims rather that having to pay for expensive alloys? Iam looking for a set of rims and tyres for winter.

On much of the continent they must go to snow tyres (legally) so there must be some supplier Audi use to provide cheap rims for 3 or 4 months a year. Have spoken to local dealer and they are investiagting.

Any feeback would be helpful.

This nice ice makes any normal road tyre impossible to drive on!!!


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I contacted Audi when I was looking at fitting winter tyres on a price for some steel rims, but the prices where pretty high, about ?500 for a set + winter tyres on top of that.

So in the end I just purchased the winter tyres and fitted them to my 20inch alloys, so I will get them swapped over to the summers in April.


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In my town the local Audi dealerships had a campaign for winter tyres on 17" alloys. I don't know how common this is in the rest of Europe, but it made the rims come to about ?400.- I don't think they had steel ones for the Q5. 19" rims and bigger were considerably more expensive.
I also considered aftermarket rims for a while but very few were cheaper and after looking around on forums and reading about different peoples experiences with cheap rims I decided that it's not something I'd like to gamble with.
On the upside it's a one time expense that also may have a positive effect on second hand value...

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Chaps thanks for the comments

I think I too will end up going for the cheapest audi 17 rims and some snow tyres and just change all 4 wheels each winter.

I have heard that changing the tyres each winter and then putting summer ones back on are not so good for the actual tyres?

The other option is put the snow tyres on the back axle only. Again i get mixed messages about this?

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