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SQ5 Launch Control...

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Can anyone work out how to do this...

I sure can't! And as it has a slushbox I don't see anyway other than wrecking the torque convertor (which i am not willing to do!).

If you watch the gear indicator carefully it does this...
S Sart-Stop engaged (engine off)
S1 for a moment as the engine starts
S Start-Stop disabled as revs climb to 3K
S1 for launch

I can't get it to do this with any combination of brake/accelerator/pressing the start-stop button/holding gear selector in S position etc...

I also tried googling A6 biturbo launch control but no luck...

Anyone got any ideas!?
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There is a launch control program on all SQ5's, but it is quite elaborate to do it and certainly not healthy for the car.

My instruction manual says the following:
- The engine temperature must be optimal
- The steering wheel must be straight
- Put the gearbox in neutral
- Turn off the ESP/TC by pushing the button on the central console
- Put the gearbox in S mode
- Push the brake very hard for at least one second
- While pushing the brake, push the gas pedal completely down until the engine reached a high and steady rev
- Release the brake within 5 seconds and keep the gas pedal completely down

Not really an easy protocol and in the manual a LOT of warnings are written that warns you for damaging gearbox and other parts of the car

But for those who want to try, it is possible with the SQ5
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Be careful, only a 250 times warranty; whoever uses it more loses warranty on engine and gearbox; so 'they' say...
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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