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SQ5 Launch Control...

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Can anyone work out how to do this...

I sure can't! And as it has a slushbox I don't see anyway other than wrecking the torque convertor (which i am not willing to do!).

If you watch the gear indicator carefully it does this...
S Sart-Stop engaged (engine off)
S1 for a moment as the engine starts
S Start-Stop disabled as revs climb to 3K
S1 for launch

I can't get it to do this with any combination of brake/accelerator/pressing the start-stop button/holding gear selector in S position etc...

I also tried googling A6 biturbo launch control but no luck...

Anyone got any ideas!?
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I thought launch control was an Stronic/DSG feature and then only enabled in certain vehicles? The Tiptronic 'box is a different animal and of conventional auto-transmission design.
Do you have to turn ESP off???
Not tried the ESP - figured as it only can go to 'off-road' mode wouldn't make any diff.

I know John - that's why I am confused as there is no clutch like in the S-Tronic/DSG so must be reving in neutral and then banging it into first? Which i'm not even sure is possible on a torque convertor box?

Will try with ESP later...
The only, ill advised, option - would be to left-foot the brake pedal and go heavy on the throttle with the 'slip' being taken up by the torque convertor and then releasing the brakes.... a really good approach for trashing the transmission?
Maybe I should ask my dealer to show me on delivery day..
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if it works the same as the RS then you turn off ESP, put the box in sport mode.
foot on brake, full down on gas - revs will hold at 3k, let got of the foot brake and hold on...
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For the full Launch Control must turn off ASR and ESP systems. On SQ5 can not turn off the ESP and ASR
This is why I cannot understand how that video exists...
1. The gearbox has no clutch so you would fry the torque convertor
2. You cannot turn off the ESP
Just watching it again - the revs build slower as it reaches further up the revs - so I recon they are just mashing the pedals.
Only thing is when I tried this (and bugged out at 1.5K revs) the gear indicator stayed in S1 which made me think I was doing it wrong...
There is a launch control program on all SQ5's, but it is quite elaborate to do it and certainly not healthy for the car.

My instruction manual says the following:
- The engine temperature must be optimal
- The steering wheel must be straight
- Put the gearbox in neutral
- Turn off the ESP/TC by pushing the button on the central console
- Put the gearbox in S mode
- Push the brake very hard for at least one second
- While pushing the brake, push the gas pedal completely down until the engine reached a high and steady rev
- Release the brake within 5 seconds and keep the gas pedal completely down

Not really an easy protocol and in the manual a LOT of warnings are written that warns you for damaging gearbox and other parts of the car

But for those who want to try, it is possible with the SQ5
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Oh yea! If you go to Index, L then it is in the MMI manual (if you loaded it from the CD).

Will attach the gopro and post a vid when it is a dry day next...

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Thanks RobinT!

I expect the engine and transmission ECUs remember such things too - so in the event of a big bang going to the dealer with 'it just happened' story wouldn't wash for long....
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Holy Shit it takes off using launch control! Watch out for the whip lash!!
Yea, also discovered this. Genuinely shocked me how quick it got off the line!

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Be careful, only a 250 times warranty; whoever uses it more loses warranty on engine and gearbox; so 'they' say...
I've never felt the need, it leaves every vehicle I've come across thus far for dust from a standing start . Maybe it's because it's an SUV and they aren't supposed to be stupidly quick...
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Hi I have a September 2008 Audi Q5 TFSI Quattro S Tronic.

Launch Control WORKS!!!

But it only works in S (Sports) Mode. It does not work in Tiptronic/Manual Mode.

To activate it do like this.

Start Engine (Engine has to be warm for it to work) A tip, use the oil level indicator and if it says Engine needs to be warm to get a correct reading than engine is not warm enough for launch control to work. Once the oil level indicator works than launch control will work.

Make sure steering is straight.

Press esc off button once and on the dash you get a warning Offroad ASR plus a yellow light goes on.

Press brake hard and keep it fully pressed.

Put transmission in S (Sport) Mode.

Fully press the gas pedal and keep it fully pressed.

The engine will rev to 4100 rpm.

Release brake quickly keeping the gas pedal fully pressed and vrroooommmm take off.

I repeat it did not work in Manual (M) Mode so if you want to shift gears manually than Launch as above and quickly change to M mode for 2 gear and above.
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This thread is specific to the SQ5 which has the 8 speed tiptronic gearbox, which is VERY different from your S-Tronic (although the procedure is similar to achieve launch).

SQ5 launch works BEST in manual mode...
Did we end up getting gopro action on Launch control ?
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