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The VCDS software only mod for ADS was good but I wanted the hardware button and thankfully it's now all done and working. Note I have MMI 3G+.

If you have a facelift Q5/SQ5 don't waste time going to kufatec. The kit only consists of a repair wire and the button, both available from your Audi dealer. The kit from kufatec is only worthwhile for Pre-facelift audis who want to add Audi drive select because the wiring loom provided by kufatec has numerous connections which need to be made.

Parts required

New combined start/stop and ADS button part number 8K2 959 673 P V10
Repair wire part number 000 979 009 E. This wire has two end and needs to be installed in the existing start/stop only plug at pin 7 and the other end installed in the existing central electric control module J519 at pin 17 located behind the dash panel and relay holder under the steering wheel.

I had an absolute nightmare with kufatec uk in getting the parts.

1. Kufatec UK website said the kit was in stock. Order placed, my car spec and VIN provided. 28 March 2017.
2. They emailed the following day to say delays encountered and should be 5-10 working days. WTF, website said in stock!
3. Regular chasing after this time had passed and they informed me they were still waiting for parts from Germany.
4. 1 month passes and they finally update me kit is soon on the way.
5. Kit received and the button is wrong. It's for a LHD vehicle not RHD despite me providing the vin and car spec!
6. Back to kufatec again and a few more weeks of waiting.
7. Finally receive the correct button yesterday.
8. Installed 18 May 2017.
New member here, My Sq5 does have the drive select but my mates MY16 doesn't so am I right in thinking that this function can be coded in with VCDS and controlled via the MMI ?
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