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Guys can anyone help me?

Can i change the miles to km, on the digital speedometer?
Please help me out.


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To be honest with you i dont have the car now.
I will get it soon, i will have it delivered here in Cyprus.

As i was wondering if you can do it..
What kind of info can i change to km?

The current milage is 5000miles can i display that in km?
The digital speedometer ??

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From the manual:
Function selector button SETUP > control button Settings > Measurement units.

The following measurement units can be set in the MMI display and the driver information system:

Distance (km or miles)
Speed (in km/h or mph)
Temperature (?C or ?F)
Pressure (bar or psi)
Consumption (ltr/100 km, mpg (US), mpg (UK) or km/ltr)
Volume (litres, gallon (US) or gallon (UK))
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