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Anyone been out in the snow yet?

Hows the Q5 on standard tyres?
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All this discussion about snow tyres makes me think------

Where do you get a set of 4 cheap steel rims to fit a Q5 for 3 months, winter use, in Scotland. I can see no merit in pay ?1k for a set of alloys when I would want to drop from 235 55 19 to a 17 inch versions

Any suggestions where I might find some or other solutions.


Snow so bad up here that my 3.2 shogun got stuck in snow while in the low box with diff locks engaged. Had to dig her out. Simply got bellied on the snow.

I am sure my Q5 when it comes would have been a lot worse.

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Hi Longrow
By the sounds of it it's not a Q5 you need it's a Snow-cat
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You will not believe me but I was up at the shooting lodge above my house to day and what did I see?

A 8 wheeled Argo cat on tracks. Many hill keepers have them as a wheeled version but the tracked version is a rare sight. It was performing wonderfully in very deep snow way up the hill.

Q5 due late Feb--- will there still be snow?

Well, while you guy's are suffering cold and snow, spare a thought for those in my neck of the woods.... it was 43.6*C today - Ooh that's hot! It's a pitty we can't trade some temperatures.
Think i would rather have the snow!
Simple question what will a 2.0 tdi on 19 inch rims run like on snow up and down steep hills. We have cica 12 to 14 inches and the snow plough does not go near my little side track which is 30 odd miles from inverness at 1000ft above sea level. Been below zreo since 12 dec . Lowest - 16 degrees There has been lots of nice generic stuff but what is it like on the steep stuff with little or snow clearance.
I have a an s line tdi on order build week 7 delivery middle of march 2010
Over Christmas, I got the opportunity to drive on virgin deep snow in the shooting club car park. As it was christmas all the clubs that use the car park were closed. The snow was 12 to 18 inches deep. The car pack has large pot holes and an increasing gradient to one side with a steep ramp down to a lower level.

I had absolutely no problems in the deep snow driving round and round the car park and up and down the ramp. The kids loved it and kept saying "do that again".

Later that day after some of us had been shooting, 4 non Q5's which had parked on the flatter upper level were stuck and needed towing out. I was happy to oblige!!

What I have found the biggest problem is when the snow gets compacted. The standard tyres do not give a great deal of grip. In fact, if the weather had of continued, I was going to put a set of winter tread tyres on.
This is a picture of my Q5 from a couple of weeks ago. We've had a lot more snow since then and the Q5 has been really brilliant as a winter car. The wheels are as previously posted Nokian Hakkapelittas on Audi 17" alloys. Not as good at stopping as the usual studded winter tyres, but still quite good and much quieter.
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