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Anyone been out in the snow yet?

Hows the Q5 on standard tyres?
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I am living in the south-west of Norway and we usually don't have much snow, but this weekend it was really bad wheather with a lot of snow, approx 1 feet and 95% of the cars which where on the road was 4x4's. I drove in some steep hills with a lot of snow, and I must say I am very impressed how the car behaves. A friend of me which have a Volvo XC90, was in the same area, but he his front wheel was often spinning and he did not have the same grip as I had. I think this is because the XC90 do not have permanent 4WD, but use this Haldex coupling. I parked the car with snow abowe the lover part of the front bumper, but there was no problem coming loose at all. Driving on the road with snow and ice, felt very steady and safe as well (maybee felt too safe).

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1 - 1 of 49 Posts
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