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Anyone been out in the snow yet?

Hows the Q5 on standard tyres?
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Major snow here in Manchester too. Q5 well upto the job, feels safe and secure
Same here. Roads have turned to ice now. No cars going up a hill near me, even front wheel drive only getting half way up then sliding down again. Was'nt too sure when a new range rover did the same thing and ended up spinning all 4 wheels, but that was probably due its huge weight!. After seeimg a Rav go up ok I took the plunge and went straight up, not even a wheel spin and no esp lights flashing on the dash. Well done Audi
Hi Rob

Know what you mean about the BMW. Next door has the same and on our slightly slope road it has no chance and we have to push him out every morning!

I've had no problems at all in the Q5 (S-line on std wheels/tyres) its got me everywhere with very minimal esp warning light coming on. I've not tried turning the esp off. We also have a RAV4 with winter tyres and LSD and I still take the Q5 out first!
1 - 4 of 49 Posts
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