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Showroom Tax

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Hi all,

We should be collecting the Q5 in June, build wk was wk 20. When we're picking it up will the dealers ask us to pay the extra road tax, ie the showroom tax? We're getting the 2.0 TDI 170ps.

Does the on the road price include the new tax? Or is it priced up with the normal yearly road tax figure of ?180. I hope im right in saying the showroom tax in ?250. So will the dealer be insisting we pay the ?70 difference to them?

Also, if VAT rises to 20% in the June budget, will audi be asking us to pay the increased rite straight away? I'm hoping ours will arrive before the VAT goes up so it wont apply, but if not its going to hike the price by nearly ?1000.

Many thanks

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The extra road tax you will be liable for,you will have to pay the extra ?70,the vat increase seems to differ between dealers mine is build week 27 and have been told that audi will pick up the vat increase if it comes in before,also will not be affected by the 2% increase on the Q5 which comes into force on tuesday.
hope this helps
Cheers Rich for the quick response
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