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Hi all,

Can anyone give me advise on the SD cards for the music system, I understand that Audi recommend a card no larger that 2GB, but they also say that on my Blackberry and I am running an 8GB without any problems.

Also, which format should I use to put the music onto the card, or is there any software I could use to transfer the music.

Many thanks


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We picked ours up last week - awsome car.
im using a single 16gb from amazon , around ?17 i believe.
Works a treat.
i use the mp3s from my itunes directry (dont actually fire up itunes) and simply have
an artist folder , then inside it , folders for each album.Just copy and paste direct to the sd card .
no need to put in a music folder .
all works flawlessly
good luck .


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Hi andy,

is the card you have the sandisk one at ?17.99? I have been looking at getting a card for ours but have heard conflicting views of which ones actually work, so it would be nice to know that I'd be ordering one that is known to work in a car of the same age as ours.

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