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SD Card question

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Wife has just ordered a Q5 at the weekend. 2.0tdi, Lava Grey, Parking Plus, Cruise control, Privacy glass, Int light pack, heated seats

The one we test drove had the technology pack fitted with 2 SD card slots in the dash. Does anybody know if the spec we?ve ordered comes with an SD card slot as there is no mention of it in the brochure but the A4 the Concert radio comes with an SD card slot? Also is the capacity limited to 4Gb?


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I have an early model Q5 (build date 2008) with satnav and 2 SD slots and it takes SDHC without any problems. Currently using a 16 Gb card.
I believe I read somewhere about a limitation on files / folder (I think it was 1000 files/folder and it may have been here ). It seems plausible as I've experienced the limit myself - playback still works but excessive files are not displayed. I didn't count the visible files to verify the exact limit ;-) just split them up into three folders of about 700 files each and all was well.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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