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Discussion Starter · #1 · lovely new Q5 is scheduled for build W/C 24th October....cant tell you how excited I am!

But I just had one of those "ah!!!" moments when I realised I missed off heated seats!

I've ordered an S-Line SE (which regardless, the spec is fantastic) with a few other bells and whistles (Tech Pack High etc....)

Dealer has said that I would be going to the back of the queue if I wanted to add the heated seats and have to wait another few months (ordered mine in June)....Is he telling the truth? - Pretty sure he is - which is a total bummer

To be honest, Im sure I will be fine - Ive had leather seated cars before without heating....but living in North East Scotland - it can get pretty damn cold in winter!

Anyone know of anybody that has looked into whether heated seats can be retrofitted (that would be a BIG retrofit, I realise) - Just as a backup plan if its just too cold!


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