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Sat Nav

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Hi all

I love every aspect of my Q5, with the one exception of the satnav.

The voice commands are too slow, sometimes coming too late, sometimes they make no sense, and the re-routing options when you don't want to go the way it suggests are terrible - it always wants to route me through cities rather than motorway (even tho mway is turned on as an option) and wont accept rerouting until I am almost on the road I want to take, telling me to u-turn for 10 miles. Am I missing something? It's bloody awful (although graphics are pretty at least!)

I have a version number ending in 22 from memory, is there anything later? Mine was an april build car. It doesn't even have full postcode, which I can't believe - my BMW's and aftermarkets had postcode over 5 years ago..what are audi playing at?

Thanks all, advice appreciated
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Whenever we start the engine of our car and the Nav button is activated - it always shows the destination page, you then have to press the "map" button to show the map on the screen even if you are not using the sat nav for directions. Is there anyway it always shows the "map" in default like all the other cars I have ever owned. We like to have the map showing on the screen even when we are not using the satnav

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