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I've had the car for 2 weeks now and am so far happy with it. I'll try and write a mini review and thoughts when I've spent more time on the road in it but there are 2 annoying issues so far and am wondering whether anyone can help me.

We did a trip down to Wales the 1st fri we got it (from London) which took 5 hours as we were stuck in traffic. During this time the sat nav went a bit crazy and kept saying "Caution traffic, no alternative route can be suggested". But it must have said this over a hundred times!! I played around with the settings and set the voice alerts to minimum etc but couldn't get it to stop saying this. It was almost as if it was wanting me to acknowledge this by pressing something.

Then again this weekend on a trip back from Leicester we were on the M1 and it kept telling me about the traffic issues as above. It must have told me 30-40 times!

Has anyone else had this issue, is there a way to stop it repeating this?


My second issue relates to the Iphone MMI interface but will start a separate thread for this.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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