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I'm new to this forum and I don't have a Q5 either (sorry), But I do have a A4 2.0T Q S line S tronic which has a problem.
When driving at a steady pace say on a motorway the engine starts pulsing and the rev / Tach needle starts jumping about.
The car has been in at Audi and they are aware of the problem.
Do any of you have a similar problem with your cars. I think it's only the combination of the 2.0T + S tronic, but I may be wrong.

Here is a couple of video links to show you what I meen (this is not me)




This is a bad known problem. I have a brandnew Q5 with the 2.0T and Stronic and have the same problem. It feels as if you 're constantly lifting and accelerating, very annyoing. Went back to the dealer and he but also the importer acknowledged the problem but are both waiting for Audi in Germany to deliver a fix for the motormanagement system. It seems to be happening with a lot of Q5 2010 models and apparently also with A4', the common point here is the engine.

Audi expects to have it fixed in November...yeh, hopefully still this year!

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