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In order to avoid commercial companies taking advantage of the free and open nature of, the follow commercial posting rules now apply:

Note: Any companies who currently sponsor by way of banner advertising are exempt from these rules, and may freely post commercial messages promoting new or existing products and/or services.

For details on becoming a sponsor, please contact me via PM or e-mail:


1. Commercial signatures, including those with links to company websites, are not allowed unless otherwise approved in advance. Links to company websites in profile information are also forbidden.

2. Commercial posts (including Private Messages) promoting your products/services (or those of companies you have any type of formal relationship with) and/or services are not allowed on, unless your post falls within the following specific guidelines/exceptions:

a. your post is in reply to a request or question posted by a site member who is not associated with your company.

For example, if you sell tyres and someone on asks for information, you are free to reply. However, please make a full and open reply on the forums, please don't ask for members to contact you personally for details. It's more helpful to them, and also to others who use the forums, if you share your knowledge openly

b. your post is not commercial. We have members from companies who join in the social and discussion side of and feel no need to promote their products and services, they're here as AUDI Q5 owners and enthusiasts, which (of course) is welcomed!

3. Posts which contravene these rules and take advantage of the open nature of are liable to be removed until contact has been made with the advertiser.
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