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Hi Guys, I have searched the forums before posting this request for help.

I bought my 2017 Q5 Nov 2021, the mmi showed service inspection required Nov2023 and oil service Nov 2022.

I like to have it serviced every year and found a local audi independent. Really great service and pricing. Had the oil changed last nov 22 and reset of reminder done through the onboard mmi option.

I had the car serviced by him in Jan 2022 for a major service but didn't check if service inspection on the mmi had been updated.

Yesterday I had the car serviced for interim inspection for my yearly routine. I did check the onboard mmi details which showed service due in 303 days (making it Nov 2023) I mentioned to him and he said no problem he will reset for me after the work so it showed 365 days to next service (Jan 2024). However he called to say he had used his system (not sure what brand but not ross-tech) and he could not alter / reset it to 365 days. He had tried 3 times. He has also inadvertenly reset the oil service to 365 days ( which is due in 303 days Nov 2023) I do less than 6k miles a year so not too fussed about that as ll just have the oil and service carried out in Jan 2024

Looking online the VAG (now RossTech )VCDS Hex -V2 USB Ross-Tech VCDS HEX-V2 USB package for VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda cars (1996 on, 3 VIN limit) will allow me to reset the service intervals and also manually adjust days / miles to service. Found a pretty decent youtube video showing it in use (being done on VW golf 2017) which "looks" straightforward but wondered if any of you have the tool and have carried out on your Q5?

Sorry for the long post, the tool should arrive tomorrow so was hoping someone may have a helpful step by step on the reset.

Thanks 馃檪
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