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Roof box

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Anyone got one

And can you fit it on your own without damaging the car
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Hi Josh!

I'm sure you can fit a roof box on the Q5. I have seen numerous Q5s with roof box here in Norway. But you might need to use the roof bars wich came with your Q5.
You need to use the roof bars that came with the Q5 as once connected the esp changes on the car automatically.

Yes - difficult to describe but rather than clamps that go around the bars, you get square section "feet" which slide into the channels that run along the length of the bars. My bike racks do this too. Gawd, does that make sense?
Is it easy enough to load the bikes onto the bars? i bought 2 hydraulic lifts for the Q,although they are vw/audi parts they dont fit with the bars.I'm trying to decide wether to change the carriers to the barracuda ones or turn into the a-team and make something to make them fit.

Anyone know if the roof bars are the same as those shown in this Youtube clip
Hi Josh,
The Q5 bars are almost the same as the thule T bar.The Audi ones take the 20mm fixing the same as the Thule aero bars.


Having had a close look. I reckon the OEM 440 litre one in the Audi brochure @ ?385 is in fact the Thule Atlantis 200 available at ?272 from Thule UK.

So food for thought. I think I may take Crustynoodle's advice and go for that one and save some cash.
You should ask the dealer to give you a price for it when ordered with your car.We ordered a bundle of accessories and was coming in at over 300 and paid 250 for it all.the salesman get extra bonuses for accessories sold so would be in there interest to help you

1 - 4 of 36 Posts
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