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Roof box

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Anyone got one

And can you fit it on your own without damaging the car
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My roof box is a Thule Atlantis 200

Room left for the bike rack:

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Capacity is 440L so I'm not sure what the 200 refers to.

Here is a link to the Thule web site with details click!

You guy's have the same range there - take a look!

I tried the Atlantis 780 but it was too long:

Thule Atlantis 780:

The 200 that I have is quite wide and at 17 kg is quite awkward to handle on your own. I can fit and remove it on my own but I prefer to have some help. The size is very good but the only problem is where to store it. As I haven't set up a hoist system in the garage it lives inside the house - for the moment.
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1 - 2 of 36 Posts
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