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One issue that has arisen is that a very small minority of people are saying we haven't called them back. Small minority or not, we want to speak to everyone who rings us.
I can assure you we call everyone back without fail!

The reasons we don't manage to speak to people is because either they have gone out, the wrong number has been taken down or, as has been said quite often recently, people don't answer numbers they don't know!

Our stats show that we only manage to contact 2 out of 10 people on average! It?s frustrating for us as well!

I would therefore ask that if for any reason you have had to leave your number that you PLEASE RING US BACK WITHIN 2 HOURS MAXIMUM IF YOU HAVEN'T HEARD ANYTHING, or otherwise, please leave alternative numbers. (Mondays & Fridays are our most busiest however!).

(I covered for a colleague recently and was given a list of 4 people to ring back for a quote. None responded so, of the 4, I left messages on 2 answer phones, whilst 1 phone just rang & rang & the other was engaged consistently for hours. I checked a week later and at least 3 had not rung us back - I didn't have enough details to check the fourth).
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