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I've come across a problem that I can replicate every time I reverse into my house.
It has happened 3 times already within 1 month.

In sequence, the problem occurs when:
1. I start reversing into my house
2. The slope angle and slippery surface causes wheel slip when I try to gas it too much
3. Suddenly reverse gear malfunctions and the display on the dash says Gearbox Fault "Reverse" gear not functioning. You can continue to drive forward.
4. I turn off the engine and restart, and everything's back to normal

I have the Q5 2.0TFSI with 7-speed automatic gearbox.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?
Are there any fixes for it?
With a high-tech ASR system I would think this problem shouldn't occur.
There is also the matter of the ASR system kicking in when I go over speed bumps that shouldn't normally cause the ASR to function.

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Hi Polapatl,

Sorry to hear about your problem.

I do not have a Steptronic gearbox, but anything that brings up an error message such as the one you are experiencing means there is a real problem. The problem maybe real, meaning dangerous or it might be a spurrious event generated by the computer when nothing real is happening. The problem is you do not know. Therefore the problem must be treated seriously and dealt with by the garage.

Whilst you might be lucky to find others suffering a similar problem due to a manufacturing defect or a part defect, it is more likely to be a one off.

The fault could be with the gearbox, computer, display or sensors. In my experience with a recent Ferrrari Spider which kept displaying a gearbox problem (when there wasn't one!!), the problem was caused by the electric window motor, sometime, causing an interferrence near to the wire carrying the codes for the computer which displays the diagnostics! Ferrari actually sent a technician from Italy to get to the bottom of the problem, as the garage was unable to resolve it after 6 months!!

I would notify your dealer immediately and ensure you keep a file of all interractions with the garage because with problems like this it is normal for the manufacturer to become involved. For any times you are without the car insist your dealer gives you a replacement.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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Thanks for your reply j2910.

Being in the car industry for a while now I can safely say that it isn't a problem with any other electrical system since I can "safely" replicate the problem every time I reverse up into my house. The floor is slippery and when I reverse up and there is wheel spin the problem occurs.

I will be contacting the dealership asap.

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