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Replaced Floor Mats

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Not 100% sure what the rules are here, so I'll remain fairly vague and someone can let me know if it's OK to reference the vendor.

When I bought my used 2018 SQ5, it had the "All Weather" floor mats. Super practical, but not the prettiest thing. I wanted mats for "when it's dry out and that look classy" but was only finding generic black ones or ones with the Q5 logo. I really wanted the SQ5 logo like the all weather ones had.

I found a vendor that sold the Q5 logo "carpet" mats and asked them if they could possibly do them with the SQ5 logo, as their store didn't show any with that. I got a quick response of "yes, and here's a picture" and that they were available for 2018+ and LHD, so I ordered. They arrived in just over a week and they were a perfect fit.


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Fair enough, that's why I avoided it. :)
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