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I previously owned S 80 Volvo and during poor light/darkness rear lights came on when boot lid was opened. This gave some warning to the presence of my vehicle on the road during these conditions. However it is a bit disappointing when the rear door of the Q 5 is opened the rear light clusters on the rear door are no use facing skywards to warn off approaching traffic. It would be ideal to have an LED (light assembly) on the bottom edge of the door which would face rearwards when open. This light could work in harmony with the boot/luggage area lights.
The position of the light unit on an open rear door would not be obstructed by anyone loading or unloading the vehicle.

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Hi Bob,

We have a Q5 SE... no LED's, but when the boot is open and the lights on, then the small lights down on the bumper come on (beside the reversing lights if i remember rightly). They're nice and wide set and aren't hidden by the person loading the rear.
If this isn't happening on your car, then maybe there's something not quite right ???..... (or maybe i've just missed the point entirely


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