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Q5 transmission defective

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I've had my Q5 for almost 5 months and already had the computer that regulates the transmission replaced, its called mechatronics and its special order by corp to germany as its very expensive, been at dealer few times and they still dont know what to do. waiting on a new software but they dont know when it would be ready
between gears it jerks, so far I have found other A4 same problem and one Q5 manual with other problems between gears, the worst its that Audi its not stepping into the plate, they will keep trying to fix though, but they dont know what!

if you have similar problem let me know.... thanks
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I bought a new 2012 Q5 at the end of July 2012. Within 6 weeks the transmission needed to be replaced. The car only had 300 miles. It accelerated and surged dangerously while driving on a regular street. Then when I put the brakes on it downshifted funny making loud clunking noises. Everytime I slowed the car down the downshift clunking noise occurred. The car had to be towed. The dealer stated they couldn't replicate. Then after 5 days or so they said they would replace the transmission and it would come from Germany in 10 ish days. Then they called in 2 days and said the tranny was in (logistically impossible). I don't feel safe. This is a brand new car. I don't want a major system replaced and then have to drive this car. Anyone out there with advice?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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