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Q5 S Tronic Gear Box - Missed gearbox oil change

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Hi I am hoping someone may be able to help me, I brought a Q5 3L tdi se in July 2012, from a Mercedes dealers, they sold me the car with 36500 miles on the clock and prepped the car and had it serviced at the local Audi dealers. I have continued to have the car serviced and maintained by the same Audi dealer each year. I had my last service at 66658 in April 2014 but in June I experienced a 'gear box malfunction' when in reverse. I took the car back and they said it was probably due to the fact the car had not had a gear box oil change and this should resolve the issue. A month later the same problem occurred, this time they said it was due to carbon build up in/on a emissions valve, not covered under warranty, so a charge of £1000. One month later again the same fault occurs. This time they say it is the gear box and needs a new one, £9000!!! This would have been covered under the warranty if the gearbox oil change had been carried out when they serviced and prepped the car when I brought it, the service invoice and record sent to Mercedes clearly states that this is due by 40000 but they did not inform me, nor did Audi ever inform me it was required at the 2 services and when I took it in on other occasions for new tyres at 40530 in October 2012, and at all other times. Has anyone else had a similar issues or problem like this, the warning does go out if you park and leave to sit for 10 minutes. Any advice or information will be gratefully received.
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From the symptoms as described, I would suggest you need a new mechatronic unit and NOT a complete new gearbox. Your complaint would appear to be with the Audi dealer rather than Mercedes, but it may be difficult to pursue. I would seek the advice of a solicitor who specialises in such cases.

It is not clear from your post how old this car is, but at 36500 in July 2012 I am guessing it is out of manufacturer's warranty before this issue first occurred in June 2014? In which case, it would matter not a jot whether it was properly serviced or not...... As well as giving very poor service, it would seem this Audi dealer is blowing smoke up your ass.

Name and shame the Audi dealer.
thanks for your reply, the car was 3 years old when i brought it, 2009 plate, Mercedes gave a limited costing warranty for the first year and I took out the Audi extended warranty last year, just for such thing! Audi warranty have offered to refund me the policy cost, how odd?? but I have declined this, I have taken this up with Audi UK and put in a formal complaint against the dealer.I did question them why they had not informed me at the service intervals that the gear box oil change had not been carried out and it is surly a reasonable expectation for them to have brought this to attention,they said their system is not computerised in this section so they would not have known, yet they did at the service at 36500?? I will be naming and shaming them shortly but I feel I should wait for Audi UK to respond to my complaint first then look to use another dealer in the future. As a by thought I have just found paper work from when i had the brakes changed 3 months after buying the car with 40500 on the clock and still no warning or mention of this then, again the same dealer.
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Sorry repeated my self a little then
On the face of it, you would seem to have a claim against the dealer who carried out the servicing. One could argue that they have failed in their duty of care.

I have successfully claimed against a dealer in the small claims court. However the value of your claim exceeds the SCC limit. I would see a solicitor asap. A solicitors letter will show you are not going to be fobbed off any longer.
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