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Q5 / Q7 number plate

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Hi folks. Just popped over from as I'm a Touareg owner. I'm tempted by a Q5, ideally a base spec (to get black rails and window trims), specced up as SE, and with off-road pack. That makes it more expensive than the SE of same spec (but dechromes it nicely), which to my spec is still more expensive than an S-line as the off-road pack is a daft price. Weird.

Anyway, as I'm shocked by the PX value of my Touareg and still can't get my head around which Q5 if any to go for I thought I'd let you know about the plate I bought originally thinking about a Q7 (too big for me), but hedging my bets:

C15 EVN (on retention)

If anyone's interested in it please send me a PM.

Was also considering a Tiguan, so also have T.6UAN (on retention)for sale.


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Hi Adam, long time no speak!

My RS6 Plus goes today and am getting a Q5 3L S line with lots of toys (3 months old) whilst specing up a new one for next year (long waiting list!)if we get on with it OK. (Revo 300 bhp upgrade as well soon!). Getting a bit older now so probably no more RS cars unless I pick up an RS2 as a toy sometime as that was the most exciting one of the lot! Don't think too much of the new one at all.
Trust you are well and enjoy the Q5 if you get one, I really like them.


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