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Q5 / Q7 number plate

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Hi folks. Just popped over from as I'm a Touareg owner. I'm tempted by a Q5, ideally a base spec (to get black rails and window trims), specced up as SE, and with off-road pack. That makes it more expensive than the SE of same spec (but dechromes it nicely), which to my spec is still more expensive than an S-line as the off-road pack is a daft price. Weird.

Anyway, as I'm shocked by the PX value of my Touareg and still can't get my head around which Q5 if any to go for I thought I'd let you know about the plate I bought originally thinking about a Q7 (too big for me), but hedging my bets:

C15 EVN (on retention)

If anyone's interested in it please send me a PM.

Was also considering a Tiguan, so also have T.6UAN (on retention)for sale.


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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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