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Hi everyone

I'd like to ask if anyone has any photos of their Q5 literally as it arrived at the dealer and before PDI? They're pretty thin on the ground at dealers, let alone just dropped of the transporter, so I wondered if anyone had taken any snaps.

I'd like to see how the cars effectively leave the factory. I've found this useful over the years to see if any "work" has been done to the car since leaving the factory such as paint. If the car's panels are meant to come covered in plastic and the plastic is missing then it's worth checking for paint.

Call me suspicious, fussy, whatever, but these are expensive cars and one of the first things I'm asked when trading in is "has the car had any paint"? I've taken new cars in the past which I've later found out have had some repainting and so I'd rather not accept a brand new car now that's had any non-factory paint.

Any pics would be gratefully viewed!



Saw lot of audi parked up but never took any pics as I never do. The bonnet, roof, boot and sides (top parts only of wing/doors/3/4 panel) were covered in a white plastic sheet. The boot had transparent cutout where the window is. The car also had blue foam things stuck on all four sides (near bottom of bumper) and near bottom of two front doors.
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